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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA No. 84.120)


Legislation: National Science    Foundation Act of 1950, Section 3(a)(l),
Public Law 81-507, as amended,   (42 U.S.C. 1862); Department of Education
Organization Act, Section 304,    (20 U.S.C. 3444) Omnibus Budget Reconcili-
ation Act, Sections 515(d) and   528 (3) as extended by General Educational
Provisions Act, Section 414 (20  U.S.C. 1226a). (Expires September 30, 1985)

Funding Since 1980:

Fiscal Year                  Authorization                   Appropriation

1980                             $5,000,000                          $5,000,000

1981                                5,000,000                            5,000,000

1982                               5,000,000                            4,800,000

1983                               5,000,000                            4,800,000

1984                             5,000,000                        4,800,000

Purpose: To help minority institutions improve the quality of preparation
of their students for graduate work or careers in science; to improve the
access of undergraduate minority students to careers in the sciences,
mathematics, and engineering; to improve access for precollege minority
students to careers in science and engineering through community outreach
programs conducted through eligible minority colleges and universities;
and to improve the capability of minority institutions for self-assessment,
management, and evaluation of their science programs and dissemination of
their results.

Eligibility: Private and public accredited 2- and 4-year institutions of
higher education are eligible if their enrollments are predominantly (50
percent or more) American Indian; Alaskan Native; black, not of Hispanic
origin; Hispanic; Pacific Islander; or any combination of these or other
disadvantaged ethnic minorities who are underrepresented in science and
engineering. Proposals may also be submitted by non-profit science-oriented
organizations, professional scientific societies, and all non-profit accred-
ited colleges and universities which will render a needed service to a group
of institutions for the Minority Institutions Science Improvement Program
(MISIP) or provide in-service training for project directors, scientists or
engineers from eligible minority institutions.

A.   Goals and Objectives

o   Maintain the Department's commitment to minority Institutions.

o   Provide participants with technical  assistance and conduct audit reviews.

o   Complete   processing   of   grant   applications   within   6   months   of   closing
notice.  Title  III,   and  not  just  for  Part  B  as  is